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We offer top-notch service design training. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, we have the right training for you and your organisation.

Service Design Experience
2-day Service Design masterclass
2-day UX design masterclass
In-house design training

Service Design Experience

The Service Design Experience is an inspiring half-day event to showcase the value of service design. There will be less talking and more doing as this event is packed with work sessions and masterclasses by top service design and customer experience experts.

2-day Service Design masterclass

Learn by doing. We have created a hands-on masterclass, aimed at professionals from different sectors. We use a mix of practical experience, tools and methods to help you design the ultimate customer experience. Our methodology is set up in such a way that you’ll be able to directly implement your learnings.

We have created this service design masterclass in such a way that relative newcomers to the field can fully understand it, but it is smart and rich enough to keep intermediate trainees on their toes as well.

2-day UX design masterclass

Learn how to make design choices based on actual user needs. Our UX design course is tailor made for UX designers who are eager to combine Service Design and UX design in their daily lives.

From in-depth user needs to lovable digital touchpoints, you’ll learn the advantages, the pitfalls and the tools that’ll make you start right away.

In-house design training

Stay relevant as an organisation by knowing how to react to your customers’ changing needs. We offer various in-house service design training programmes: from half-day workshops to intensive customised educational programmes. Whatever it takes to help companies adopt the service design mindset.

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