Anniversary Interview – Jette

Erik van Zoelen

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Jun 14, 2021

On the first of June, it was exactly two years ago Jette started working at Koos. The perfect time for an anniversary interview in which we gave her 5 dilemmas to think about. Will the future Koos Rotterdam office get an office cat? And how did Jette get the nickname LaserJet?

Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

Of course I am choosing Rotterdam. Rotterdam is obviously the best city in the country, and you don’t want to live in such a small space in Amsterdam. I mean, who doesn’t want to take the Intercity Direct to Amsterdam every day (I miss it!)? 

How do you deal with traveling to Koos every day?

Honestly, I don’t really mind as long as I can go by train. Today I went by car, because we are not allowed to go by train at the moment, but I definitely would not want to deal with traffic every morning. My dream is to someday open a Koos location in Rotterdam, with a view of the harbour. How cool would it be to have your office on top of the Euromast?! And an additional benefit: I would be able to cycle to work!

Tap water or spring water?

Tap water! In the Netherlands we have spring water coming from the tap. 


Of course this question is referring to your projects for Evides and Vitens…

Yes I learned quite a lot from these projects. For example that drought is becoming an increasingly large problem in the Netherlands. You know, water companies have a very odd relationship with their consumers. People are not able to pick and are often not really aware of their water company. So it was quite challenging to improve the customer experience for these companies and I learned a lot from it.

Cats or dogs?

Okay so look, I have the best cat in the entire world. But on the other hand, I love our office dog. I really love having a dog at the office which you can take for a walk every now and then.

Would you like to get a Koos office cat?

Definitely! And if people are allergic, we can just put the cat in one of our meeting rooms and create a small Zoo.

Printing Post Its or writing on Post Its?

*long silence*… Both of them have their advantages. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all of those Post Its rolling out of the printer. It takes way less time and I love it. But still, I think I am going to choose written PostIts, simply because you remember what’s on them better. You have to go through all of this pain and effort to get them all written down.

Can you tell us how you became the printer queen of Koos (aka LaserJet)?

I’m afraid that has a quite sad background story. As you know, printers never work and when I just started at Koos there was no-one solving the problem. So I ended up calling for three hours with the printer company to get it fixed. That’s when I became the go-to person for all printer problems. Not a role you can get rid of easily.

Library or a book store?

Book store, no doubt! However, I should pick the library of course because of my projects for Probiblio. I really love the social concept of libraries but I like to read the most recent books and those are always gone in a library.

Did the projects for Probiblio change your view on libraries?

Yes definitely! I have more appreciation for libraries because of the societal function they fulfill. I was never really aware of the fact they mean so much for integration in society and elderly people. And I also started to read more because of these projects.

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