Looking back at the Service Design Experience 2019

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Jun 17, 2021

We want to thank all who attended our Service Design Experience 2019 event on Thursday April 18th at Koos HQ. We were very pleased to welcome such a great group of enthusiastic people of diverse backgrounds. It was wonderful to see innovators in action, sharing experiences and discussing their current and future challenges. In this blog we'll give you a short recap of everything that went on at this sunny day in Spring.

Opening Keynote: The Value of Service Design.

Robbert-Jan, Partner of Koos Service Design opened the event recapping how the value and challenges of Service Design changed over the past ten years. He also introduced speaker Tamara Oosterman talking about the Employee Experience at KPN. According to Robbert-Jan the recent interest from HR in improving the Employee Experience only showed that Service Design thinking has the potential to reach out to many new and exciting fields.

Second Keynote: Designing the Employee Experience at KPN

Tamara Oosterman, VP HR Services & Operations at KPN, took over talking about her experiences mapping and improving the Employee Experience together with Koos Service Design. Her main drivers to change their perspective on HR was that current scarcity on the job market creates a direct need to increase employee satisfaction. Furthermore happy employees create happy customers. Her main challenge now is balancing between the identified employee needs and top-down management must-dos. Many attendees appreciated her talk as it inspired them to start a conversation at their own organisation.

Third Keynote: Service Design Maturity Model.

Jules Prick, Partner at Koos Service Design, introduced our Service Design Maturity Model. We created the maturity model to understand the complexity and challenges of an organisation. It helps you align Service Design initiatives on a much broader scope and create real lasting impact. For the ones to which this keynote was too short, make sure you to read our full story about the Service Design Maturity Model.

Experiencing Service Design workshops.

Following the talks there were two rounds of workshops; visual thinking, Employee Experience, Design Sprint and intro to UX Design. In your feedback, many of you stated that you appreciated the workshops most out of the whole day, as they were mostly very practical and energetic and you really learned new skills to apply in your own jobs and projects.

Panel Discussion with CX Leaders.

Last but not least a huge thank you to our closing panel discussion members Miguel Amaral, Market & Customer Intelligence Manager at NOS, and Erik Vercouteren, EVP Customer Experience at KPN. Main takeouts were Miguel’s advise that you can’t just set a customer-centricity goal and expect things to change, you need to slowly develop your whole company culture towards customer-centricity. Erik’s hopeful addition to this is that it is easy to get people on board on a micro-level. Show people what customer-centricity leads to and they’ll be enthusiastic. The main challenge is to get this impact on a macro-level.

“Our main challenge is balancing the identified employee needs with top-down management must-dos.”

— Tamara Oosterman VP HR Services & Operations at KPN

Food & Drinks and meeting new people.

With the high energetic workshops, the new opportunities designing an Employee Experience and the lively ambience among the audience, the responses to the event have been very positive. To top it all off, many of us were looking forward to meet new people, discuss ideas and share good banter in a relaxed atmosphere. At the bar, the event continued long after with great mocktails, beer, wine and nice Italian finger food supporting delightful conversations in an informal and vibrant setting.

Always stay in touch.

Once again thank you to those of you who joined the Service Design Experience 2019. Don’t forget to check out the Service Design Experience aftermovie. We see this as the start of creating a highly active and connected community for like-minded innovators who see the importance of putting their customer at the centre of their business model. Don’t miss out any future events and interesting updates by following Koos on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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