Business Transformation

Embedding customer centricity in mindset and skills.

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Outsmart your competition.

Times are changing. In this new time, we are redefining the way we look at creating impact. Business models are being transformed, entire workforces are being upskilled, and organisational focus is shifting to adaptability, innovation and customer centricity. 

Traditional systems are not flexible enough to transform for the future. We need to start operating on a different level with a passion for change and with growth mindsets.

The Transformation tools we use.

Maturity Scan

Benchmark your organisation and set your growth strategy.

Transformation Program

Transform into a customer driven organisation and make yourself viable.

Business Playbooks

Develop new and powerful ways of working and make them easy to adopt.

Something else in mind?

We do so much more and  tailor our toolkit to the needs of every project.

Who likes standard anyway?

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We help embed Service Design capabilities within organisations. 

Based on our 10 years of experience we’ve created a strategic framework for successfully embedding service design capabilities within organisations: the Service Design Maturity Model. This framework describes the different maturity levels that organisations need to navigate to become fully customer-centric. A sound growth plan empowers you to convince the organisation and align and scale your efforts faster than ever before. Get ready for change now.

A selection from our Transformation projects.

Transforming a Portuguese Telco.

Portugese telecom provider NOS

Building Service Design capabilities at an international bank.


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The future is dynamic.

Get into the right rhythm.

Embed the successful rhythm of design-led innovation: iterative, Agile and through experimentation.

Focus on value.

Keep your focus on the customer at all times to design long term business value. Make the right choices to stand out.

Stay adaptable.

Keep your mindset open and prepare your organisation to be flexible and ready to act upon change.

Meet some of our Transformation experts.

Jules Prick

Jules will give you insights about the maturity of your organisation so you understand where you're at, and where you can go. He's great on stage and can answer any question.

Robbert-Jan van Oeveren

Robbert-Jan will help you to develop your transformation growth plan. Besides that he's our Employee Experience expert and king in developing innovative business models.

Serena Westra

Serena lives and breathes Service Design and has a background in visual thinking and mediastudies. She does not shy away from complex projects and loves to keep on learning about innovation, implementation and customer centricity. If you are looking for a public speaker, Serena is your girl.

Kasper van der Knaap

Kasper is managing partner at Koos Lisbon. Deep inside, he is a real Brazilian. With his open mind and warm approach, Kasper is constantly looking for ways to connect people and cultures, helped by creative design methods.