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Are you ready for the new reality?

In this new reality we need to redesign processes and propositions, try out new things, find out quickly what works and what does not, learn from it and improve continuously. Remote design services are well suited to help build better, more flexible organisations. 


There are three important challenges:

  1. Recalibrate strategy: Gain insight in different scenarios and develop new (digital) propositions.
  2. Execute remotely: Keep your organisation running from a distance and use design to save costs.
  3. New ways to organize: Make sure your employees stay engaged and reinvent your employee experience and company culture.

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Remote design services

Accelerated by the Coronavirus, we are working remotely more than ever before. Luckily, remote working is nothing new –  we have collaborated together with clients on many international projects before.

So have a look at all possible remote activities, such as interviews, presentations, workshops and training. These are tough times, but we are more than happy to help get you and your team ready.

Remote research

Remote research is very well established and a powerful tool. It delivers strong results and it is possible to broadcast live interviews, group sessions or testing to the internal organisation.

  • Online photo/video assignments (like diary tools, whatsapp) to gain rich insights
  • Online video chat rooms (like Skype, Google Hangouts ) to interview participants
  • Online meeting rooms (like Whereby or Zoom) for group sessions
  • Online screen sharing tools (like Skype, YouTube) to conduct and share user testing

Remote workshops

We are running remote collaboration sessions for smaller and larger groups. We host all possible activities of the design process, from brainstorming, clustering, visualization, prioritization to journey mapping or value proposition development. 

  • Online meeting rooms (like Whereby or Zoom) the basis for ‘face to face’ contact, either in single or multiple rooms. 
  • Online collaboration tools (such as MIRO) for journey mapping, analysis, clustering and prioritization. 
  • Online documents (such as Google Apps) to work together in spreadsheets, presentations or text documents. 

Remote design sprints

Stop thinking, start doing. Design sprints are ideal to identify the most important problems, generate solutions and validate assumptions. And the good thing: you can run them entirely remote! 

  • A combination of online meeting rooms and online collaboration tools,  just like usual remote workshops.
  • Online prototyping tools (such as Marvel & Sketch)

Remote project and stakeholder management

You will be surprised to see how easy it is to create and energize a team remotely. It is all about routines and keeping the spirit high. 

  • Remote team collaboration and planning (using Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams)

Remote Service Design training

Koos offers a range of online service design training. Whether you’re looking for the basics, you want to master a certain topic, or you’re looking for coaching on a project, we offer all of the above. 

For individuals:

For your organisation:

Wondering what our remote design services could do for your organisation?