Business Playbooks

Business Transformation is not about digitalising current processes. It is about transforming the way your organisation approaches innovation and daily business. It is about how you work. It requires new and powerful ways of working across the business, blending the right elements of design, agile and lean start-up thinking. By streamlining the way you work, you in turn make the entire process more efficient, which leaves you with more time to, for instance, work on improving your customer experience.

Playbooks are not a goal by itself. It is an accelerator for achieving real business goals, like being a leader in customer experience is another higher purpose.

— Jules Prick Koos Service Design

When can a Business Playbook be useful?

A Business Playbook is useful for basically all types of organisations! It’s the collection of tactics and methods that form the roles and responsibilities within your team or organisation. It stores all essential information in one place, making things easier. 

In many organisations, the protocols, procedures, and other information are scattered between different places, searching for this information can be messy and time-consuming. Which can cause frustration and unneeded costs. Do you recognize this situation? A Business Playbook will help! 

Your team members will be able to find new information quicker, leading to more efficient processes. Playbooks also aid organisations that wish to be self-organizing; in theory, individual teams can find everything they need within these playbooks. Also, new team members can be onboarded easier, cutting down on costs. Moreover, when going through a Business Transformation, often many new Service Design elements are added to an organisation. A Playbook provides your employees with strategic and practical guidance to innovate the services of your organisation further. 

At Koos, we help you to develop and implement these business playbooks as a part of your business transformation.

Do you want to become more efficient through a Business Playbook?

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