Maturity Scan

As a change leader, it is key that you can nurture key drivers and evade/erase opposing barriers. Every setback gives your adversaries more ammunition to challenge your ambitions. Change requires certainty. And every initiative will be a little gamble when you don’t know how mature your organisation truly is.

Koos Maturity Scan

We have developed an elaborate maturity scan to involve key stakeholders, determine and benchmark the maturity level of your organisation, and to identify the key elements that need nurturing and attention. The hands-on maturity report is the perfect base to develop your transformation strategy from.

The most common mistake we see is the ‘assumption’ that key stakeholders think they understand how mature their organisation is

— Jules Prick Koos Service Design

How does it work?

No organisation is the same. Our scan consists of several building blocks and together with you, we determine the best approach. We use company wide surveys, board level interviews and team sessions.

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